Weevils Got Talent 2014: COMING SOON!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Following the success of Weevils Got Talent 2013, the Tum’s Show Productions Team have decided to host the second series – Weevils Got Talent 2014! Are you Weevily excited already? I sure am! The previous Weevils Got Talent was actually a test to see how my showcase skills are, and I have finally developed a whole company! Weevils Got Talent 2014 will be hosted sometime during January – February (depending on what will be happening on Bin Weevils). The show will be much more Bin-tastic, so stay tuned to Bin Weevils Helpline, A World Of Bin Weevils, Weevily Advice, The Weevily Bloggers, Weevily Crazy and many more blogs for the massive show!

Keep Weeviling!

– Tum103

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About Tum103

Hello! I'm a former member of Bin Weevils (2012-2017) and the adjoining online community. The Founder & Owner of Pixel Ideas and the former Deputy Leader at Infinite Galaxies.

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