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Good day Bin Weevils

You might have heard a well know blog called Weekly Weevil Blog which I own and it’s just reached 10,000 views and it’s so close until 12,000 views and it’s gone very fast, Weekly Weevil Blog is the leading Bin Weevils blog with over 100 views each day.

All the fun from the Summer fair is over on Weekly Weevil Blog,

Weekly Weevil Blog has got so much news to bring you about the Bin Weevils Summer fair and it’s packed with Summer Fair news, codes, tricks, help and so much more. We also have an exciting new header for the best event ever to be in the bin.

Party reviews & Hunt locations,

We are special for our amazing Hunt locations posts and Party reviews and I even make my amazing videos which is linked with Weekly Weevil Blog. When ever there’s a new hunt in the bin we will have it.

All the Summer fun is over on Weekly Weevil Blog,

We have lot’s of Authors and editors which are posting and making amazing content and pages, Over this summer we have it all and that goes for any-day. We have the full review of Scribbles’ party and new the new Weevil Post and so much more.

Amazing Reviews!

We have all the reviews waiting for you from Summer fair prizes or Weevil Weekly head over to join the fun.

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Goodbye Bin Weevils

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Hello there. I'm Dumdawg, a Bin Weevils blogger and player. I love to write about the wonderful world of Bin Weevils, I enjoy creating fantastic posts for readers to enjoy. I own Weevily Wonder, a Bin Weevils fan site reporting the latest news from the Binscape.

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