I almost quit blogging until…

Good Day Bin Weevils,

My parents think I should carry on blogging because it’s good for my writing so that’s what I’m doing!
Any other blogs I’m sorry to say this but
I quit!!!!!
It’s getting to hard for me to keep up with all this!
I’d like to focus on making this blog better then working my 6 Weevily socks of to help other blogs.

A message to all authors except Tum103, Chococherry-
With regret, YOUR FIRED! 😦

Good bye Bin Weevils!

Thank you for reading a post by htcbintophow


About htcbintophow

I'm htcbintophow, a friendly BW blogger who always reports BW's news first. Come and say hi at www.allthingsthatareweevily.wordpress.com :) - htcbintophow

16 thoughts on “I almost quit blogging until…

  1. It’s also hard for me to keep up with blogging, so I might be leaving some other blogs that aren’t very successful.

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