Tum103 levels to Level 28!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Sorry I haven’t been posting much recently, but you will be able to find out a reason to that in another post coming soon. Anyway, as you know, tomorrow is the last day of the great Bin Weevils Summer Fair! Aww! 😦 Well, I have been quite similar to Posh today, I have been playing Bin The Ball, Gong’s Hammer and the Gunge Tent. Being a Bin Tycoon, I was able to have TRIPLE the amount of tokens than the usual amount! Finally, I got over 1000 tokens, and after collecting millions of Summer Fair prizes from the Prize Hut, I have just levelled up to Level 28! Woo hoo! Hope to get to Level 30 soon! 😀

Keep Weeviling!

– Tum103

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About Tum103

Hello! I'm a former member of Bin Weevils (2012-2017) and the adjoining online community. The Founder & Owner of Pixel Ideas and the former Deputy Leader at Infinite Galaxies.

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