10 things you may not have knew about the old Bin Weevils and early new bin… + Goodbye to the daily challenge of the day

Good Day Bin Weevils,

Most players who play Bin Weevils now, have only been on since April, so you probably don’t know much about the bins history, well I started playing in 2011 so I don’t know that much, however I have done super research about this interesting subject, here’s some of the things I’ve found out…

1. This is the oldest post available on the what’s new blog…
Spring Cleaning The Bin – The Bigger and Brighter Bin Weevils Is Now Live

This is kind of an introductory post, like you see when a new Bin Blog starts, the Bin Weevils team seem to think that the New Bin Weevils is much better but if I asked 100 Bin Weevils who were in the old bin if they want it back, then I’d probably get at least 90 Weevils agreeing on old bin.
I asked Bin Weevils movie maker, TTofficial about the old bin, he said…
“Not really sure, since i didnt spend much time there.”

2. Nest set out

Old bin central nest room

The room above has more than three rooms, in fact it probably has 9 rooms!
The new nest set out makes it much easier to get from one room to another, and in my opinion, it is a good thing about the new bin!

Nest news is now hanging up on a toilet roll, but in the old bin this was on a piece of paper on the wall?
The score board has gone since then too.

3 Map

Instead of being in the corner, the map was at the top of the screen and included The Bin Bottom, The Bin Top and The Middle, I think I would have preferred the map to be like this.

Blue Back Grounds

The scenery we see today in places like The Shopping Mall, Flem Manor and Gongs Pipenest was not always there you know, in fact it used to look rather dull and boring.

Old Flem Manor

New Flem Manor; Much more brighter!

Different places

Inks Orange Peel is said to be the greatest place in the history of Bin Weevils, but it was replaced by Flums Fountain.


Inks orange peel; the greatest place in bin history

Tinks Tree isn’t that old either, in 2011 a tree started growing in Peel Park, this got so big that it overtook Peel Park and we now know it as Tinks Tree!


Kips scrapyard was an arcade type of place but was removed for an un-known reason.


But your favourite places haven’t always been as they are now you know!
Take the shopping mall for example, it has had three makeovers!

Old, Old shopping mall


Old Shopping mall


New mall


And Club Fling used to look much better in my opinion, with loads of games on the outside!


We also had some 3D places too! Dosh’s palace and Castle gam had a camera, just like Flums Fountain!


But now it’s turned into a 2D mess, just like Dosh’s palace, look…


A lot of the stuff at Dosh’s Palace were used on the Mulch Tastic, eg- The shape of the palace.


Riggs movie multiplex had double the screens back then and VOD was one of their main things. In this video they mention it a lot!…

The Crown

The Crown was like a daily hunt, older Bin Blogs like Bin Plus and Bin Xtra posted the answers daily.
Each day you could get a top up of 50 Mulch and it was quite cool really!

KOTB (King Of The Bin)

King of the bin made loads of normal weevils really famous, just for a bit of extra hard work! Each week the weevil who done the best would be named and would wear a crown!
You can now buy the KOTB crown at Hems Hats for a lot of Dosh (lol sorry I don’t know exactly!)


Advertising in a fun way was and always will be another one of Bin Weevils main focuses, look at this video to see how much they mention it!


Ben off is like when you want to get someone to go away an was commonly used in the old bin. However, it was not to be used in polite company.

Bin Quakes

People used to pretend that there were bin quakes, when a human kicks or moves the bin, however this is completely un-accurate and never will happen, I assure you that the video below is an edit, obviously!

So yeah, if there are any facts wrong here, please correct me!

Good Bye Bin Weevils

Thank you for reading a post by htcbintophow!


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I'm htcbintophow, a friendly BW blogger who always reports BW's news first. Come and say hi at www.allthingsthatareweevily.wordpress.com :) - htcbintophow

9 thoughts on “10 things you may not have knew about the old Bin Weevils and early new bin… + Goodbye to the daily challenge of the day

  1. Hey i used to play back in 2008 with my older sis, and i remember around 2009 most of the 3d glitches and effects where fixed, And inks peel would be the greatest more fun and popular place in the bin. Yes i agree the original art design and looks of the places were bad quality and the new 2011 revamp had helped but i noticed alot of changes which make me upset. You forgot the point when Non-members were allowed to have pets and when tycoon plaza was first open it was open to non-members. I know its all about the ‘make the money’ part in buisness but the new update saying i CANT ENTER CLUB FLING because im a non-tycoon weevil thats going tooo far. I am fine with the pets the island and all but seriously clubfling?! thats just mean.

    This is just my opinions and i still play and love this game/website, Forever Bw Fan.

  2. This was an amazing blog! Thank you for sharing. Just a few things to point out, I heard that back in 2007 their was only one shop in the shopping mall called shop. Also, there is a way to look at the old Bin Weevils site on something called “the way back machine”. All you have to do there is enter Binweevils.com and select the point of time you want to go, but for some odd reason, some points in time will not work, especially if you have a terrible computer. Well, thanks for reading my comment. I hope to see you in the binscape again soon.

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