Best Nest and garden of the week review!

Hi everyone!

In this post I would like to share with you my views on garden of the week and the new best nest.

Garden of the week!

A massive congratz to chip8967 who is a fellow blogger, and bin buddy.

I love the way that chip has themed his garden, and once again a big congratulations!

Best Nest

Moving on to best nest and I wasn’t to impressed with the quality of nests this week.


On the front cover we have a photo of the nest inspectors candy room, As much as I like chip8967’s garden candy theme, I do not like this theme in nests as it makes everything look pink, so I don’t really like this page.

_Wolfgirl_'s nest consists of a dance floor and chocolate wallpaper, with a display of trophies.
Let's say this is original.
The floor and wallpaper doesn't go together, and the trophies just make it look crowded.


This nest room by LIPGLOSS is great, and I really like the backdrop with the sofa in front, this is probably this weeks very best nest.


I like Bam-It’s-Cupcake’s nest room which has a medieval theme, great effort!


Oh great, another candy room, we need something original here! This nest room by mrsnuggles0.


sarahjayne has attempted a golden kitchen,which I’m not to keen on. Maybe she could add some more colour into this nest instead of just gold.


I love the wallpaper used in ufoshoot’s nest room, great!


Doughnuts123 has a spring themed room which I would like better of she didn’t put so many of the same flowers on the shelf, apart from that, good effort!


snowflake3350 has another candy themed nest room, and I’ve already said how much I don’t like this theme so let’s leave it there.


Sehar has a earth day themed room which I feel is slightly clattered, although I love the theme.


lovxsamxlov’s room is a bit to pink for my liking.


The nest inspector left us with a cliffhanger on what is in the mystery crates that scribbles has spotted.

I give this best nest a fair rating of 2.5.

In other news, a new code for a BW mag poster from the what’s new blog is BINBOTS26, redeem your code in the mystery code machine in labs lab.



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3 thoughts on “Best Nest and garden of the week review!

  1. I like the nests. My favourite ones are LIPGLOSS’, Doughnuts173’s and sarahjayne’s. I couldn’t decide on a favourite, but these are the BEST 3 NESTS in my opinion this week. 🙂

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