Sunday Round-up #2 !!

Hey everyone!

It`s time for this weeks Sunday Round-up post where we reflect on this weeks events in the bin!


Scribble`s teased us with some sneak peak drawings of the fun house at the Bin Weevils summer fair! We were asked what we think is in the fun house.


Screenshot from 2014-08-03 20:32:11

In issue #99 of Best Nest the Nest Inspector showed some of the most AWESOME nests in the binscape!


LAKEE won the BOOMco guest blogger competition and was awarded with a Scribbles trophy!


Bin Weevils mag #29 arrived in stores which includes a free 5000 mulch and 10 dosh code!


The Fun House at the Bin weevils opened and Bin Tycoons are having tons of fun inside!


We all gathered in the shopping mall to listen to the Bin Weevils radio show!  We had loads if fun and even the moderator Drewbian showed up!

Screenshot from 2014-08-03 10:10:51

Plus  the Bin weevils team launched this years Bin The Ball competition, giving us the chance to get OUR design featured in-game!

Thank you for reading another post by htcbintophow, and please note that I will not be able to post tomorrow as I have to go to travel lodge  for a funeral and you have to pay for wifi! 😦


– htcbintophow


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I'm htcbintophow, a friendly BW blogger who always reports BW's news first. Come and say hi at :) - htcbintophow

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      Hey Dotman2005!

      As much as I would love you to join the blog, all my previous authors have been deleted due to not posting or creating content for the site.
      I would THINK about letting you join if you proved to me that you can get all of your grammer and spellings right. If you still would like to join me as an author,then please email a artical of no less then 100 words about why you should join.
      You might think I`m going crazy with this but I don`t really want too many weevils joining.
      I hope you understand that IF I decide you can join and you stop posting, I will have to delete you.


      – htcbintophow

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