A Late Sunday Round – up #3

Hey everyone,

I honestly completely forgot to post the weekly round-up, so I have decided to post it today.

Anyway, in the week that the Nest Inspector invited us to his nest, so much has happened!


BW HQ teased us with a sneak peek of Weevil World, a brand new game coming to mobiles and tablets shortly.  This week, we saw Nitro Fin the bin bot, our bin bot`s house and our workshop!


Scribbles launched the summer fair review competition, where we will have the chance to get our post featured on the What`s new blog!


A very special Best Nest #100 was released! The spotlight was on the bin`s biggest celebs, as the Nest Inspector recreated the celebs rooms.

Nesssssssssssse was crowned garden of the week.


The Summer Fair was home to even more, as new additions such as prizes, the fortune teller, and a free bin tycoon item was released.


Twilight Sparkles favourite episode was available for viewing at Riggs Movie Multiplex, and BW HQ announced more exciting My Little Pony content is coming soon!


Bin Weevils announced new claw machine items, and possible a super antennae gem were coming soon to the summer fair.

All week

In celebration of Best Nest #100, the Nest Inspector invited as many weevils as possible to check out his nest.  You can see our post about Nesty`s nest here.

Thanks for reading!

– htcbintophow



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