Monday Bin Weevils Updates – Bin Tycoon Special Begins and Pet Style 50% off!

Hey everyone!!

Bin Weevils HQ has made some minor updates to the game today, including the Bin Tycoon special and 50% off over at Pet Style.

Bin Tycoon special

The Bin Tycoon special was announced on Friday, as one of a series of Bin Tycoon bonus events. As part of this, code will be released every day for one week for all Bin tycoons to collect. Codes go as followed:

Monday – BTSDOSH10 – 10 Dosh

Tuesday – BTSCACTUS – Cactus nest item

Wednesday – BTSMULCH1500 – 1500 Mulch

Thursday – BTSWINDOW – Antique window nest item

Friday – BTSMULCH2000 – 200 Mulch

Saturday – BTSDOSH15 – 15 Dosh

Sunday – BTSFIRE – Fireplace nest item


As well of this a Bin Tycoon meet-up with Scribbles will take place on Tuesday 25th Janruary at 5:00 PM GMT in the VIP room at Club Fling.

Bin Tycoons will also be able to redeem triple the amount of XP at the Shopping Mall on all Bin Tycoon items from Friday 30th Jan – Sunday 1st Feb.

50% of all Items at Pet Style!

A great treat for all us Bin Pet owners! 50% of all items at Pet Style in Bin Pet paradise is now a feature as part of the Bin Pet month.

Screenshot from 2015-01-26 16:40:23

Htcbintophow’s Bin Pet, Biney’s costume.

Thanks for reading!

– Htcbintophow


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