Posh is getting her very own Bin Pet!!

Hey everyone!
Great news! Bunty is getting her very own Bin Pet! A post that was published on the What’s New blog today states:


List of the most popular Bin Pet names. 27/01/2014

All this Bin Pet hype has got Bunty thinking about adopting her very own Bin Pet. Dott, the Bin Pet expert, has shared the list of the most popular Bin Pet names in the Binscape, there are so many to choose from!

After days and days of deliberation Bunty has picked her Top 10 Bin Pet names. The trouble is, she only needs ONE name! Can you help Bunty pick a name? Cast your vote in the poll below and Bunty will name her Bin Pet after the most voted for name.

bin pet resultsThis is part of the bin-scape’s celebrations for Bin Pet month, which is taking place right now to celebrate our cute little companions.

This may be an attempt by the Bin Weevils team to re-create the 2010 Clott meet up, in which he adopted a Bin Pet named Cottoncandy.


Thanks for reading!

– Htcbintophow


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