Bin Weevils Sunday Round-up #7

Hey everyone!

Welcome to the Sunday Round-Up, the only weekly news round-up in the Bin-Scape. In the week when the brand new Shopping Mall appeared in the bin, so much has happened!!

All Week

All week, the Bin Tycoon seven day special has been rewarding Bin Tycoon members with a code to redeem for each day! Prizes range from free Dosh, to new nest items!! CODES ARE TO BE USED BY TOMORROW, MON 2ND FEB. On Tuesday, Tycoons from around the Bin-Scape weeviled over to the VIP room for a chance to meet Scribbles and his friends. Finally, at the weekend, to see the end of the seven days special, Bin Tycoons received triple XP while shopping at the brand new Shopping Mall! Weevily wow!


All costumes over at Pet Style, Bin Pet Paradise were reduced by 50%! What a bargain! This gave us a chance to give our Bin Pet a unique look, while staying within a small budget. Click here to view the brand new All Things Weevily Bin Pet page for more tips on looking after these cute little critters!

Meanwhile, at Flem Manor, Shawn the Sheep and his friends moved in to celebrate the brand new movie! The new promotional party features games, information, and hunts. Even better, you can earn yourself a big pile of shining Mulch to spend on nest items and plants!


On Tuesday, bin celebrity, Bunty, announced that she will be adopting her very own Bin Pet in the near future, and needs our help deciding on a name. A poll was placed on the What’s New blog, which featured Bunty’s top ten favourite Bin Pet names, and whichever proves to be the most popular will become Bunty’s new pet’s name.


Issue #124 was released, and this weeks Garden of the Week winner was named as lovxsamxlov. A whole new range of nest items were put on sale over at the Bin Pet shop, perfect for your sunny themed Bin Pet rooms!


Bin Banter episode #5 – Gam It Up was released, in which Gam is telling the story of hid first ever SWS mission, but falls asleep! He dreams up an amazing adventure, but awakes, and reveals that his first mission was really just to mow the lawn at Flem Manor.


The all new Shopping Mall arrived! The outside of the Shopping Mall has been updated to be a shopping bag, which I think was really awesome!!


Saturday & Sunday

On Saturday and Sunday, we tuned into Fun Kids radio for our latest instalment of Bin Weevils radio! There was loads of awesome music and shout-outs, and we can’t wait for next weeks episode!

Thanks for reading!

– Htcbintophow


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