Weevil X of the Week – lily1653!

Congratulations to lily1653 on earning herself the title of “Weevil X of the Week!”

Here’s a post from the What’s New blog…


Greetings puny Weevils! It’s me again, Weevil X… It’s that time of the week again where I get to zap one (un)lucky Weevil with my shrink ray! Although my shrink ray effects only last a week, it’s still long enough for you to be squished!

So who receives such punishmentreward this week you ask? Of course you do, you always ask questions! I used to be like that before I met Octeelia and she soon made me stop! Well our winner is… lily1653! Congratulations on being selected!

As you can see from lily1653′s profile above, she likes hanging out in Weevil Post & some of her favourite things include chatting to Bin Buddies (I don’t have any of those!), training her Bin Pet named Dosh, reading magazines, dancing at Club Fling & lily1653 also loves Dirt Doughnuts!

Finally, lily1653 says “I really wanted to be Weevil X of the Week as I enjoy showing Weevils around the Bin by being a tour guide! Anyone can join my tour which always begins outside of Dosh’s Palace! I also make magazines for Weevils to read, so be sure to check them out! Oh and as we have been picking a side to join (SWS or WEB), I decided to go with the SWS! I hope everyone else has selected a side too”.

Enough of all this SWS promoting! We WEB agents have many plans & so many of us have been to Nestco to buy our own Weevily WEBLairDecorations for our Nests!

So lily1653 good luck & enjoy your week!WeevilXoftheWeek_prize_pack

You could be the next Weevil X Of The Week and win this super, fantastic, amazing Weevil X prize pack too!



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