Unusual Hats Explained!

In recent weeks, you may have spotted some unusually coloured hats around the Binscape. These can not be found in Hem’s Hats, and are actually not allowed in the bin. A big discussion has been taking place around Twitter and YouTube, which I will be sharing with you today.

As you can see, on the left hand side of the image, bin legend, X-lightening-X is wearing a strange, dark coloured feather hat. As well as this, a weevil on the right is wearing a blue and black feather hat which looks different to any hat sold in Hem’s Hats.

I can say that this isn’t “hacking” as many people are calling it, but instead these users are using third-party applications to change the game. These are not permitted by the Bin Weevils team, and any weevils caught wearing these can be banned immediately.

In the tweet above, Swathe, Bin Weevils community manager confirms to me via Twitter that the use of other applications to change the game is against the Bin Weevils rules.

However, I’ve got a feeling that the team have taken action against this matter. Bradaz was one user caught wearing the hats, and hinted to Swathe…

Swathe then replied…

I am glad that the team are finally fighting against cheating, as I feel that it’s just not fair that users who play fairly miss out. Use the comments below to give your opinion.


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