Hello, It’s Me….. Again

Hey there weevils!

Incase you do not know me, my name is Hatchback, and I was added on this blog ages ago, and completely forgot about it, because htcbintophow left.

I guess I should introduce myself for those who do not know me.

I am fomerly known as dotman2005, which was my very first account on Bin Weevils. On the 13th September 2014, I left Bin Weevils because of the mass amount of hacks going on by the hacking group Bin Leaks, which consisted of Adrian Fogell and a guy nicknamed ‘Pure’. In August 2015, I returned to Bin Weevils, but got a massive shock, due to the updates of Flem Manor, Shopping Mall, Rum’s Airport and Rigg’s Palladium, plus the removal of Slam’s Party Box. I made a new account on 13th October 2015 though, which was originally thought out to be the mascot of my old website, Dosh Kingdom. I then decided it would be my new weevil. I continued to blog aswell. On 20th November 2015, I created a new website, called Bin Weevils’ Latest, which is a massive success, having over 10,780 views. The link to both my sites is at the bottom of this post.

Here is a basic fact file of both my weevils:

Name : dotman2o05

Join Date : 17th November 2012

Level : 48

Tycoon? No

Deactivated? No


Name : Hatchback

Join Date : 13th October 2015

Level : 57

Tycoon? Yes

Deactivated? No

Incase you are also wondering why there are no pictures in this post, it is because I cannot take Screenshots on my new Desktop, which is really weird.

Htcbintophow, I don’t know if you want me posting on this site or not, since there hasn’t been a post since May last year, but if you don’t, I won’t post on it at all.

Here are the links for my two websites:

Old Site : https://lucasoave2005.wordpress.com/

New Site : https://binweevilslatest.wordpress.com/

That does it for this post!

Happy Weeviling!

-Hatchback, Signing Off                          4.2.16

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About Hatchback

Hey there! My name is Hatchback and I am the owner of my website Bin Weevils' Latest! i am currently a Bin Tycoon which is constantly leveling! I'm usually spotted at Flum's Fountain!

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