Weekend Challenge – Pirates Vs The Deep

Hey there weevils!

Boy, Bin Weevils HQ sure got our brains working about this Weekend’s Puzzle Challenge right?

I bet a lot of you were having trouble cracking the code, but if you haven’t already, then look no further, as I have found out The Answer!

Lets break it down shall we?


Question 1) How much XP will a Weevil get by purchasing one Davey Bones?

So, if you go to the Shopping Mall and have a little look at Davey Bones, you will see that you will receive 61 XP! Groovy!

So that is the first part of the Challenge done, let’s see if the next part is a bit harder.

Question 2) How much XP would a Weevil get if they purchased two First Mates and one Davey Bones?

Now this is a bit harder. Go back into Nestco, and find the First Mate. He also gives you 61 XP! So we need two First Mates and One Davey Bones. This means we have to times 61 by 3!

So 61 X 3 = 183. There is the other answer!

If you put both answers into the code, this is what it should look like:

Weekend Puzzle Challenge 1

This unique code gives you a spectacular 500 Mulch and 200 Xp! And available for everyone as well! Brilliant!

Hurry though, because this awesome code expires on the 5th March 2016!

That does it for this post!

Happy Weeviling!

Hatchback, Signing Off    7.2.16

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