Your New OWNER is here!

Hello weevils!

Here is the first thing that I have to say: This blog name is going to be changed to something very cool in the next few days, wait and see.

Anyway, you know who I am, don’t you? Yes, I am Hatchback, a former author on this site. I asked the wonderful htcbintophow a few questions earlier today on Twitter, concerning this site, and let me say it is all good news!

I asked him if I could post on this site, and he said, “Sure!”. He then said I could, wait for it, wait for it, Drumroll Please!

“You can own the site.” This means that the new owner of this blog is me!

Many wonderful things are to come to this abandoned site in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for exciting updates!

If I can just figure out how to get my pesky Desktop to take screenshots. (So frustrating :)- )

Also, what do you think the new name for the blog should be? It is entirely up to you!

Over to You!

That does it for this post!

Happy Weeviling!

Hatchback, Signing Off           7.2.16

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About Hatchback

Hey there! My name is Hatchback and I am the owner of my website Bin Weevils' Latest! i am currently a Bin Tycoon which is constantly leveling! I'm usually spotted at Flum's Fountain!

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