Bin Pets

Hey Bin Weevils!

Aren’t Bin Pets so cute? You train them, you feed them, and you play with them, so it’s only fair that we have a whole page dedicated to every Bin Weevils favourite little creature!

What are Bin Pets?

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Htcbintophow and his bin pet, Biney. 25.01.2015

Let’s start simple, what exactly is a Bin Pet anyway. Bin Pets have been a major part of the game, having existed almost since Bin Weevils was released in 2007.  They are a Tycoon only feature (excluding pet for a day) and are one of many weevils favourite parts of Bin Weevils.  Bin Pets have the ability to be trained to do a list of programmed tricks, juggling, perhaps, being the most known.

Bin Pet Shop

The Bin Pet shop is the one of two places in the bin-scape where you can exchange Dosh and Mulch for Bin Pet food, nest items, and clothes. This is also the place where Bin Pets can be adopted, and Pet for a Day can be activated on non member’s accounts.

The latest Bin Pet shop.

The latest Bin Pet shop.

The Bin Pets shop was updated to a more colourful, shiny looking version in late 2013, along with the release of Bin Pets Paradise.

Bin Pets shop before November 2013. Photo courtesy of Weevily World.

Bin Pets shop before November 2013. Photo courtesy of Weevily World.

Adopting a Bin Pet

Bin Pets are available for adoption in the Bin Pet shop. They are currently available for 5000 Mulch, and you can currently only have one. You can choose the colour of your bin pet and its furniture in the adoption process.  Non members can adopt a Pet For a Day, which, as you can tell by the name, only stays on your account for 24 hours.  Once you adopt a Bin Pet there is no going back, if you don’t like him then you’re stuck with him. A Bin Pet is tied to your account, so you can also not give him away. If your account was created any time after April 2013, then when your Bin Tycoon membership expires, your Bin Pet will move out to the Bin Pet hotel until you buy a Tycoon membership again.

Pet For a Day

Dott, from the Bin Pet shop, is lending out free Bin Pets for you to see what it’s like to look after one of these little critters! You don’t have to have a paid membership and it’s completely free! Once you have borrowed a Bin Pet from Dott once, you cannot take another one, and are required to buy a paid membership to adopt another.

Feeding your Bin Pet

Bin Pet’s are required to eat a special food called “pet mulch” in order to stay strong and healthy. These too are found with all your pet supplies in the Bin Pet store.

Small box – 5 feeds – 20 Mulch

Large box – 35 feeds – 100 Mulch

As you can tell, the large box is extremely better value than the smaller box.

Once you have brought your pet food, you can feed it by clicking the food bowl which you placed in your desired nest room earlier. You will then receive a pop up notification stating how many feeds you have left.


Each Bin Pet comes with its own options card. With this, you can dress him up, teach him tricks, and check how your little buddy is doing.

What your Bin Pets profile card looks like.

What your Bin Pets profile card looks like.

The Bin Pet profile card includes general info (walking state, adoption date, etc) about your pet and a photo slot which wil be explained later on.


What your pet’s option card looks like.

The option card will include any tricks that your pet has been taught, and the bars that show your pet’s status (fitness, energy, hunger and sleep). More will be explained later on.


It is very important to customise your Bin Pet to be unique, and stand out from a crowd. Pet Style in Bin Pet’s Paradise is the perfect place to go to do just that.

styleHere you can change the look of your Bin Pet, buy and try clothes on it and take a photograph for his/her profile picture.

The Bin Pet Changer.

The Bin Pet Changer.

In the Bin Pet Changer, you can decide the colour of your Bin Pet’s eyes, body and arms, all for just 500 Mulch!


The Pet Studio.

In the Pet Studio, you can choose costumes from tons of options, dress your Bin Pet up and snap a picture for their profile pic! It’s simple!

Gym Pet

Gym Pet is possibly a Bin Pets favourite place in the whole of the Bin-scape! Here, you can play various activities with your Bin Pet to improve its fitness level (which means it can play for longer without getting tired easily).

Gym Pet, Bin Pet Paradise.

Gym Pet, Bin Pet Paradise.

Inside Gym Pet.

Inside Gym Pet.

The first game is called Bin Pet Aerobics, in which you use the arrow keys when the arrow on screen gets to the right position. The multiplier on the side goes up as you score higher, and down as you miss moves, so you can get bonuses if you’re really good!

Pictures of Bin Pet Aerobics in game.

Pictures of Bin Pet Aerobics in game.

The second game is called Weights, and is all about speedy typing! Simply type what you see on the screen as quickly and as accurately as possible. My tips are to keep the sound on, so you are notified when you have typed a word, and make sure you are sitting comfortably so you can put 100% concentration in to your typing.

The last game is the Treadmill, which I have found to run incredibly slow on my old netbook.  In this game, you must use the arrow keys to dodge obstacles and collect points.

Status bars

The status bar is on your Bin Pet’s option card. You can use this to see how your friend is doing and care for it to meet its requirements.

Fitness – How long can your Bin Pet last without needing sleep?

Food – Feed your Bin Pet Pet Mulch from the Shopping Mall to keep this bar up, just make sure you don’t overfeed him/her!

Sleep – Your Bin Pet automatically crawls into bed once you log out,  however if you have been playing with it for a long period of time, the bar will go down and you will have to put your Bin Pet to bed. Don’t worry though, because he/she will recover in just a few minutes!!

Endurance – Just like us, Bin Pets get puffed out after they’ve been playing! If your Bin Pet runs too far, then the endurance bar will go down, and he/she will take a moment to get their breath back.


One of the best elements of owning a Bin Pet is that they can learn loads of awesome tricks! From juggling to fetch, they can do it all with practice. There are two types of tricks, Ball tricks and Spinning tricks. Both have different levels of difficulty so that he/she will never run out of things to learn!!

Teaching your Bin Pet to walk on tip toes

When you first adopt your Bin Pet, he will only be able to crawl, but if you teach him/her this simple trick, they will be able to walk in no time!

1. Take your Bin Pet to a quiet area in the Bin Scape and tell him/her to jump of and stay.

2. Using the special moves button in the bottom left hand corner, select the tip toe button to make your own weevil stand high up.

3. Keep standing on tiptoes and calling your pets name until he/she themselves know how to stand on tip toe.

4. Repeat step one and two.

5. Ask your pet to come to you. If he bounces then repeat this and number four steps.


Got a question you want to know about your little friend? Leave it in the comment section down below and I will answer it right here!

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Thanks for reading!

– Htcbintophow and Biney



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