Weekend Challenge – Pirates Vs The Deep

Hey there weevils!

Boy, Bin Weevils HQ sure got our brains working about this Weekend’s Puzzle Challenge right?

I bet a lot of you were having trouble cracking the code, but if you haven’t already, then look no further, as I have found out The Answer!

Lets break it down shall we?


Question 1) How much XP will a Weevil get by purchasing one Davey Bones?

So, if you go to the Shopping Mall and have a little look at Davey Bones, you will see that you will receive 61 XP! Groovy!

So that is the first part of the Challenge done, let’s see if the next part is a bit harder.

Question 2) How much XP would a Weevil get if they purchased two First Mates and one Davey Bones?

Now this is a bit harder. Go back into Nestco, and find the First Mate. He also gives you 61 XP! So we need two First Mates and One Davey Bones. This means we have to times 61 by 3!

So 61 X 3 = 183. There is the other answer!

If you put both answers into the code, this is what it should look like:

Weekend Puzzle Challenge 1

This unique code gives you a spectacular 500 Mulch and 200 Xp! And available for everyone as well! Brilliant!

Hurry though, because this awesome code expires on the 5th March 2016!

That does it for this post!

Happy Weeviling!

Hatchback, Signing Off    7.2.16

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Your New OWNER is here!

Hello weevils!

Here is the first thing that I have to say: This blog name is going to be changed to something very cool in the next few days, wait and see.

Anyway, you know who I am, don’t you? Yes, I am Hatchback, a former author on this site. I asked the wonderful htcbintophow a few questions earlier today on Twitter, concerning this site, and let me say it is all good news!

I asked him if I could post on this site, and he said, “Sure!”. He then said I could, wait for it, wait for it, Drumroll Please!

“You can own the site.” This means that the new owner of this blog is me!

Many wonderful things are to come to this abandoned site in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for exciting updates!

If I can just figure out how to get my pesky Desktop to take screenshots. (So frustrating :)- )

Also, what do you think the new name for the blog should be? It is entirely up to you!

Over to You!

That does it for this post!

Happy Weeviling!

Hatchback, Signing Off           7.2.16

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Hello, It’s Me….. Again

Hey there weevils!

Incase you do not know me, my name is Hatchback, and I was added on this blog ages ago, and completely forgot about it, because htcbintophow left.

I guess I should introduce myself for those who do not know me.

I am fomerly known as dotman2005, which was my very first account on Bin Weevils. On the 13th September 2014, I left Bin Weevils because of the mass amount of hacks going on by the hacking group Bin Leaks, which consisted of Adrian Fogell and a guy nicknamed ‘Pure’. In August 2015, I returned to Bin Weevils, but got a massive shock, due to the updates of Flem Manor, Shopping Mall, Rum’s Airport and Rigg’s Palladium, plus the removal of Slam’s Party Box. I made a new account on 13th October 2015 though, which was originally thought out to be the mascot of my old website, Dosh Kingdom. I then decided it would be my new weevil. I continued to blog aswell. On 20th November 2015, I created a new website, called Bin Weevils’ Latest, which is a massive success, having over 10,780 views. The link to both my sites is at the bottom of this post.

Here is a basic fact file of both my weevils:

Name : dotman2o05

Join Date : 17th November 2012

Level : 48

Tycoon? No

Deactivated? No


Name : Hatchback

Join Date : 13th October 2015

Level : 57

Tycoon? Yes

Deactivated? No

Incase you are also wondering why there are no pictures in this post, it is because I cannot take Screenshots on my new Desktop, which is really weird.

Htcbintophow, I don’t know if you want me posting on this site or not, since there hasn’t been a post since May last year, but if you don’t, I won’t post on it at all.

Here are the links for my two websites:

Old Site : https://lucasoave2005.wordpress.com/

New Site : https://binweevilslatest.wordpress.com/

That does it for this post!

Happy Weeviling!

-Hatchback, Signing Off                          4.2.16

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I was checking Twitter this morning when I found a tweet from the What’s New blog’s feed which looked interesting…

A post on the What’s New blog states:

Scribbles here and I’ve got news for you! Rigg has recruited the help of my buddies Tink and Clott who have been too busy to even have a Bin Burger with me at Tum’s. So it got me thinking….. Rigg must be working on a new building project!

Today I followed Tink and Clott to work and it wasn’t hard to take a peek at Rigg’s building blueprints because he’s always on the phone! I took a quick snap with my Tycoon camera to share with everyone.

What in the weevil do you think Rigg is up to? Leave your comments below. Pssst… notice the secret code? It works and I got a pretty cool nest item poster for free! Bonus!

Looking at the image above,  believe a new Rigg’s Palladium is coming! As always it’s looking awesome and I can’t wait to see it used in the game.

Before I end the post, the secret code the What’s New blog was talking about is RIGGHISTORY and gives you this diagram of the current cinema.


Stop The Mulch Day One On Fun Kids Radio!

StopTheMulch_blog_2Day one of “Stop the Mulch” will air on Fun Kids Radio later today.

A post on the What’s New blog states…

This May half-term we’ve partnered with Fun Kids Radio and we’ve got up to 100,000 Mulch to give away! Weevily-WOW!

For those of you that entered the competition don’t forget to listen out for the mega Mulch give away every hour on Fun Kids Radio from 4pm -7pm (UK time)  on the 25th – 29th May 2015.

Good Luck!

For instructions on how to play the game, see the video below.

Make sure you’re listening to Fun Kids Radio from 25th – 29th May at 4PM to 7PM.


Unusual Hats Explained!

In recent weeks, you may have spotted some unusually coloured hats around the Binscape. These can not be found in Hem’s Hats, and are actually not allowed in the bin. A big discussion has been taking place around Twitter and YouTube, which I will be sharing with you today.

As you can see, on the left hand side of the image, bin legend, X-lightening-X is wearing a strange, dark coloured feather hat. As well as this, a weevil on the right is wearing a blue and black feather hat which looks different to any hat sold in Hem’s Hats.

I can say that this isn’t “hacking” as many people are calling it, but instead these users are using third-party applications to change the game. These are not permitted by the Bin Weevils team, and any weevils caught wearing these can be banned immediately.

In the tweet above, Swathe, Bin Weevils community manager confirms to me via Twitter that the use of other applications to change the game is against the Bin Weevils rules.

However, I’ve got a feeling that the team have taken action against this matter. Bradaz was one user caught wearing the hats, and hinted to Swathe…

Swathe then replied…

I am glad that the team are finally fighting against cheating, as I feel that it’s just not fair that users who play fairly miss out. Use the comments below to give your opinion.

Gam’s Birthday Bundle at NestCo

I was shopping at NestCo earlier for some items for my latest nest room, when I spotted this bundle on the “featured items” page.

bdaybundleThe bundle costs just one Dosh, and includes everything you need to get your nests ready for the big day.

I used some of the items in my SWS room, which is going pretty good if I do say so myself.

Screenshot from 2015-05-22 23:12:00Unfortunately, I ran out of room in there, so I placed my birthday balloons in my bedroom along with Gam’s birthday cake.

Screenshot from 2015-05-22 23:18:56-htcbintophow